That girl is under the delusion that she is a princess.

The masses are entirely ignorant of the segregation problem.

To speak frankly I don't like him.


Wendell leaned in close for a better look.

Miss Green taught me English.

I'll come here again tomorrow.

I think Joyce didn't tell us everything.

I'll try to make things as easy as possible for you.

How do you feel about me?

That painting by Rembrandt is a work of art.

You've got to stop him.

I caught three fish today.

I can't walk away from this.

I don't think she'll be back before five.

His services were appreciated.

Vivek is three years ahead of Jarmo at school.

Don stored his old books under his bed.

That won't work for me.

I really wasn't paying attention.

He said the treaty was unfair.

Jennifer tried to wake Kees up.

Of course, Allan doesn't mean that.

Politicians often skirt around the truth and don't give direct answers to questions.

We want to hire you.


He wrote a letter with great facility.

They have improved their results

Has Debi gone, too?

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Please don't smoke cigarettes no matter what.

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Hans kept interrupting me.

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Dirk asked Daniele to meet him after school.

Hwa didn't hunt.

Mwa couldn't get away.

You're going to be a great father.

Sooner or later, I'll probably get tired of doing this.

This is almost as good as fishing.

It is certain that he is wrong.

It's important to train your staff in correct telephone etiquette as they often create the first impression of your company.

Dewey keeps saying he's innocent.

After many years trying to get the man of her dreams, Barbara decided to give up all hope and to accept marrying Lucian.

I was impatient for her arrival.

We've had some very cold winters.

I'm taking you to school.

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I'll keep in touch.


Jinchao can give you an answer tomorrow.

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The building is a monstrous structure.

It has a hole in it.

He's Italian.

After Molly saw a squirrel for the first time, she was very excited and drew many pictures of squirrels.

Were you surprised to see her?

It's a mad, mad world.

I'm sick to death of the way you kids carry on.

This is the window which was broken by the boy.

You're always criticizing me!


I like red wine better than white wine.

Yesterday I played with Tony.

That's where I met him.

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I think I can do better.

We'll all be dead in thirty years.

Caleb did that entirely on his own.

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I almost forgot it.

I hope you all liked it and that you all come back soon.

Attention doesn't hurt.

The President proposed a new plan.

I submitted my report to Devon.

I'll be here.

Sekar was waiting at the gate.


It was kind of unexpected.

I hate it when there are a lot of people.

I strongly advise you to take this medicine right away.

Are you trying to make me mad?

These flowers are beautiful, aren't they?

The trees are big.

He loves his father a lot.

A few minutes' walk brought me to the shore.

You apparently haven't known the pain of catfish sting.

It began to rain before I got home.

You never find yourself until you face the truth.

Who would buy one of those?

Truthful speech is not elegant, and elegant speech is not truthful. Good words are not persuasive, and persuasive words are not good. The knowledgeable are not many, and the many are not knowledgeable.

Now leave us.

You look like him.

I expect you to be punctual.

Ninja looked a little alarmed.


I'm sure Liber will appreciate the gift.

Why say sorry for something you haven't even done?

Clark appointed Heather to act as his assistant.

The sheriff told Isidore to be out of town by sundown.

I think we need to find out who Thierry plans to give that to.

There is a station in the center of the city.

I will now explain this rule to you.

There's someone I have to contact in Boston.

I don't know what made me think of you.

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Fritz will call back.

This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my life.

It was a difficult decision.


Do you dream about me?

Who are my new neighbors?

Is this going to take a while?


This custom became extinct a long time ago.

That's something worth discussing.

A heavy tax was imposed on whiskey.

I'm studying French at home.

I thought Shahid would be in Boston by now.

My neighbour's name is Liber.

I am much too busy to see him.

"I might like to know about your relations with men." "Relations with men?" "Things like who you get on well with, who you've dated and such."

The gate is closed at eight.

Hurry up and finish eating.

Music is the soul of language.


This all sounds extremely familiar.

He's a guy who's not afraid to tell it like it isn't.

I live very close to the subway station.

Susumu is already an hour late.

She's got your albums on repeat on her iPod.

I hope that I can carry out my plan.

I'm thinking about complaining about my son's teacher at the kindergarten.

Remember, respect is everything.

Bradford likes romantic comedies.

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Please give him my best regards.

What do they call this girl?

Her mother is a most beautiful woman.

I'm coming back home by bus.

It's summer already.

You are interested in a career in foreign relations.

Don't let them hurt her.

I have a headache.

Takeuchi told the children an interesting story.


I am free this afternoon.

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Certainly there are downsides to leadership by coercion and force.

He is the chief of my department.

Let me explain something.

We don't need anything else!

I didn't want to be here in the first place.

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You should give up smoking since it's unhealthy.

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I suppose I should congratulate you.

The conductor was expecting a more connotated definition.

Everywhere I look, it's just a bunch of dead ends.

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This wasn't supposed to happen at all.

Even though the media reports that she is a potential presidential candidate, does anyone really think that she is a potential president?

Rev. King and his supporters were threatened.

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They are Christians.

Do you watch TV news?

Did you run into any bureaucratic red tape?

Gigi wants to get to know you.

I've just spent the last three hours talking with Sriram.

I'd like some plum jam.

Now you've ruined it for me.


We are even.

If Kelly does that, then we won't have a problem.

Everybody but Jane smiled.

Love is a bizarre feeling that you cannot express in words.

She flatters herself that she is the best speaker of English.


Let's not waste what little time we have.

I often have ear infections.

Rolfe works at a supermarket.


He's three years older than I am.

Can anyone hear me?

We want to reach a wider audience.

My advice would be to go home.

That sounds very important.

Lynnette works very hard.

I'm still not sure where I should go.


We should come here more often.

It's the first time he has run across French.

Shall I have him mail this letter?

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You think we're serious.

This is legal.

On the one hand it is dangerous. On the other hand it is interesting. From both points of view it is necessary.

The total expense for the project amounts to one hundred million yen.

He is ready with excuses.